10 Interesting Facts About Pancake Day

We thought, because it is Pancake Day, we’d put together a flippin’ great collection of facts and fun GIFs for you to enjoy!

Pancake day


The largest pancake ever made and flipped measured 15m wide, 2.5cm deep, weighed 3 tonnes and contained a staggering 2 million calories!

Source: Idealhome
Pancake day


The second side of a pancake takes half the amount of time to cook as the first – Great tip!

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Pancake day


Australian chef Brad Jolly set a record in 2012 by tossing a pancake 140 times in a minute

Source: Express
Pancake Day


While we in Britain tend to keep our pancake ingredients nice and simple, in Newfoundland, Canada, objects with symbolic value are added to the batter to be cooked. These items are then used to interpret different messages about the future – for example, a pancake served with a ring inside may signify marriage.

Source: Telegraph
Pancake Day


On average, Brits eat two pancakes each on Shrove Tuesday… but we all know someone who eats at least THREE times more

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The Flexpicker, developed by ABB Robotics, is a pancake sorter commissioned by Honeytop that can sort 400 per minute. The robot was used to improve hygiene standards and reduce labour costs. The spider-like system picks through thousands of pancakes and places them into stacks with incredible precision

Source: Wired
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Across the UK pancake races take part on Shrove Tuesday. It involves a large about of people normally in fancy dress, racing down streets tossing pancakes. The idea is to get to the finish line first, while carrying the frying pan and flipping the pancake without dropping it.

Source: mirror
Pancake Day


In Scotland, beef was eaten on Shrove Tuesday (also called “Fastern’s E’en”) to ensure household prosperity.

Source: Encyclopedia
Pancake day


The idea of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is more than 1,000 years old! They were originally invented as a way of using up all the leftover fatty and rich foods before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

Source: Newsshopper


 Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday so the date changes from year to year

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