10 Interesting Facts About Yorkshire

We thought, because it is Yorkshire Day (1st August 2019), we’d put together a collection of facts and fun GIFs for you to enjoy!

Yorkshire Seaside


Scarborough is Britain’s first seaside resort and has been welcoming families for over 360 years.

Yorkshire Michelin Star


It has more Michelin Star restaurants than anywhere outside London

Yorkshire horse racing


It boasts more top racecourses than any other region of the UK

Yorkshire Eurovision


Harrogate hosted the Eurovision song contest in 1982

Source: GoYorkshire

Yorkshire bridge


The Humber Bridge is the longest single-span suspension bridge in the UK, second longest in Europe and the fifth longest in the world


It is famous for its rhubarb, boasting some of the largest producers in the UK. Placed between Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford they have become known world-wide as the rhubarb triangle.

yorkshire air


It is the largest county in the UK

Source: Buzzfeed

yorkshire pudding


Famous Yorkshire foods include Yorkshire pudding, Parkin, Wensleydale Cheee

Yorkshire Jelly Tots


Leeds based scientist Brian Boffey accidentally invented Jelly Tots in 1967, while trying to produce a powdered jelly that set instantly when added to cold water.

Source: PureLeisure


York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe, took 252 years to build and contains 128 stained glass windows.

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