10 Interesting Facts About Superstitions

We thought, because it is FRIDAY THE 13TH of September, we’d put together a collection of superstition facts and fun GIFs for you to enjoy!

Black cat superstition


Black Cats are Bad Luck: During the 14th century people began to believe black cats bring bad luck because of their colour. Whereas in ancient cultures, cats were often considered sacred animals

Source: CBCKids

Penny superstition


Find a penny and pick it up: Some say if you pick the penny up then it will bring you luck because finding any free money pretty lucky. But some think it relates to the old rhyme, “See a pin, pick it up/and all day long you’ll have good luck/ See a pin, let it lay/ and your luck will pass away.”

Source: Livescience

three superstition


Bad Luck Comes In Three: If two things go wrong, believes start to look for the next bit of luck. A shoe that is lost might be forgotten one day but the third in a series of bad breaks the next

Source: Livescience

Breath holding superstition


Hand Your Breath Past Cemeteries: Many cultures throughout history believe it stops the dead connecting  with and stealing your soul. Holding your breath also prevents other spirits from possessing you.

Break mirrors superstition


Breaking a Mirror Is Bad Luck: It is said you will get 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror. Some say it is because it takes 7 years for you cells to replace in your physical body


In Japan it is said if you let a sumo wrestler make your baby cry then it brings good health as well as warding off evil spirits

Source: SoTrueFacts

itchy palm Superstition


Itchy Palm is Good Luck: This generally refers to someone who is greedy or someone who has an insatiable desire for money

Umbrella superstition


Open Umbrella Indoors: Many believe this is good advice because they had sharp metal spokes in the 18th century. You will bring ‘rain’ and bad luck upon yourself.

Superstition on a Plane


Avoid Flying on Friday 13TH: This date is the cheapest day to fly because many avoid flying on this date because of the bad luck the date brings

Source: Punchline

Whistling indoors superstition


Whistling Indoors Invites Evil: Some say if you whistle indoors it summons demons to enter and stay in your house

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