So you need a data logger. What’s the first thing you do?

Turn to Gem Scientific! We can help you make the right choice, saving you time and money.

Here is a four step guide to help you make the decision:

1 . Access your current HACCP system

Explore areas of your HACCP system that could benefit from continuous data accumulation and alerts rather than collecting by hand. Look for areas including walk in fridges and freezers, cold and hot holding, food preparation areas, vacuum packing, cook-chill and any other areas where your stock has to be held at food-safe temperatures over time.

2 . Do you need to measure humidity, temperature or both?

We have range of data loggers that measure humidity, temperature and both. Some of the units capture environmental temperatures with an ambient sensor, others measure internal food temperature with a probe. Next, make a list of how many probes you’ll need and all your critical and temperature needs.

3 . Decide how you want to review the data

Now you have to make the decision about how you want to view, collect and store the data. Our loggers range from simple connect to a PC via USB, to wireless data loggers that automatically store recordings to your digital device in real time.

4. Check the environmental range

The cook-chill process requires you to use a logger that can survive hot and cold environments. Use the product specifications table to verify that your chosen logger can operate is your temperature range.