Industry Solutions: Beverage Production

At Gem Scientific, we work closely with beverage production, breweries and water processing companies.

We supply the very best products for gas monitoring, sample handling and microbiology and our hygiene monitoring solutions help them comply with existing hygiene and safety legislation.

Key Areas

On this page, we are going to focus on 5 key areas for the beverage production industry but if you need a solution you don’t see here please get in touch.

Gas Monitoring and Analysis

Water Microbiology

Checking the quality of your water is an critical part of beverage productions. Idexx Water Tests are used for detecting e.Coli, coliforms, enterococci and pseudomonas aeruginos.

Preparation of the tests takes less than one minute and removes the need for time consuming confirmations and colony counting. The IDEXX tests are used around the world and use their patented Defined Substrate Technology® (DST®). This approach is different from traditional media, which provide a nutrient-rich environment that supports the growth of both target organisms and non-targets.

Hygiene Monitoring

Keeping all areas of your business clean is an important daily task. Residues remaining on surfaces provide nutrients for spoilage or pathogenic bacteria to thrive, which could lead to product contamination.

You can be proactive by using a hygiene management system which is a useful way to identify areas needing attention. The 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring Systems can give cleaning validation results quickly allowing you to take corrective action immediately.

pH and Temperature Measurement

Monitoring pH and temperature is another routine area of drink production. Gem Scientific specialise in providing instruments designed specifically for this industry.

High accuracy handheld systems with probes designed for measuring liquids. A wide range of thermometers are also available for beverage production.

Sample Handling

Sampling handling is an important activity within the drink production process where a small portion of a product is taken for testing.

Thorough handling of samples is important to ensure integrity and to prevent deterioration and cross-contamination. Samples which are handled incorrectly can give misleading results and compromise the quality of your product.

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