5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hygiene Monitoring

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hygiene Monitoring

Having access to fast, accurate hygiene monitoring results helps you verify cleanliness in your food manufacturing facility, improves cleaning consistency and reduces downtime.

3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management SystemThe new 3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System is the outcome of years of research, testing and customer feedback, all meant to provide food processors greater confidence and peace of mind. Here are 5 reasons you should be using this innovative system:

Complete audit-ready system

The LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System is a comprehensive and all-encompassing system (Luminometer, Swab & Software) designed to help you be audit-ready for BRC or retailer inspections with the absolute minimum of effort.

Wireless data transfer and sensitive touchscreen

The Luminometer is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled so to allow the wireless upload of hygiene date to the software – no need to leave the production environment which saves you time. The colour touchscreen has an intuitive menu and works even when you’re wearing gloves.

All your HACCP results on one device

This system combines the electronic recording of ATP hygiene data with the ability to input any other testing variable such as visual inspections, allergen tests, pH tests and chemical residue tests. This gives the user an all-in-one electronic record of the entire hygiene inspection process – no paper records, no questions!

Data trends and watch lists and reports, oh my

Electronic recording and trending of hygiene data are becoming an expectation of auditing bodies and this system will keep you ahead of the curve. The Clean-Trace hygiene management software is industry-leading and the easy-to-use dashboard immediately turns data into actionable information. Once your data is loaded you can view trends, filter by test point or user and have reports set up to automatically generate with key data. The software will automatically list high percentage test point failures allowing you to pinpoint problem areas at one glance.

Unique user IDs and 23 language options

The Clean-Trace system allows for unique user IDs for every operative so that you can filter data by the individual user – making sure that every user is swabbing in a consistent and accurate way, every time. The system also has 23 languages making it ideal for multilingual teams.

Want to learn more?

The 3M Clean-Trace System offers food safety professionals a complete system of products consisting of a luminometer handheld device, compatible tests and a powerful new software platform, to verify that surfaces have been effectively cleaned in seconds, for better decision making and audit preparedness.

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With Gem Scientific’s Firefly Exchange you can trade-in your old luminometer and get a minimum of £750 off against a brand new 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System.

For more information, to make the switch or to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of the 3M Clean-Trace LM1 Hygiene Monitoring System please call 01924 444577 or email hello@gemscientific.co.uk

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