Analox Launch New AX60+ Multi Gas Detection Monitor

Gas Monitoring Flexibility With The Ax60+

AX60+ Wall Mounted Multi-Gas DetectorFollowing on from the success of their AX60, Analox has launched an updated version of their popular carbon dioxide monitor, the AX60+ Wall Mounted Multi-Gas Detector.

This highly anticipated oxygen sensor variant is available from June 2017 giving users more flexibility with monitoring. Previously if you used carbon dioxide alongside inert gases such as nitrogen, helium and argon, two separate gas monitors. With the Ax60+ you can monitor them all on one unit, at the same time.

The addition of the oxygen sensor allows the unit to not only be used for low levels of oxygen but high levels of oxygen too. So if you work in an industry which uses enriched oxygen, you can use the Ax60+ to alert you if levels of oxygen increase to a dangerous level, causing a fire risk.

The Analox Ax60+ is fully customisable to your requirements and allows multiple placements of up to eight alarms and four sensor units. You can customise the alarm level set points and have any combination of sensors.
With up to a five-year sensor and electronics warranty (depending on the final gas monitoring solution you choose) the Ax60+ is not only a flexible solution but a cost-effective one too.

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