ATP Leads the Way in Cleaning Effectiveness for Hospitality Businesses

The ongoing pandemic has reinforced the importance of hygiene in the hospitality industry. As you begin reopening to the public, customers will be expecting high standards of cleanliness. Reassure them that their health and safety is the top priority by enhancing your cleaning effectiveness.

Key to that safety will be ensuring that everywhere is cleaned and sanitised regularly including:

  • Frequently touched surfaces e.g. lift buttons, light switches, door handles and handrails
  • Elevator foyers and corridors
  • Public bathrooms
  • Dining tables
  • Reception areas
  • Guest rooms
  • Conference areas
  • Entrance areas/lobbies
  • Public lounges
ATP Leads The Way For Hospitality

While cleaning surfaces is just a small part of reducing the risk of COVID-19, businesses need to prove to customers that their facility is a safe place to eat, travel and stay.

Too often, monitoring of cleaning effectiveness has relied on visual inspection. This, of course, cannot detect unseen microbes. Hygiene monitoring technology uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy-releasing molecule found in every living cell. This technology has been adopted by hotels and other hospitalities industries to monitor cleaning effectiveness.

One study found that microorganisms represented 33% of the ATP readings as compared to nonmicrobial sources (Griffith et al., 2000*). Surfaces will vary according to sources of contamination and frequency of contact but reducing ATP levels often is enough to reduce infection.

Hygiena™ EnSURE™ Touch ATP Monitoring System uses the UltraSnap™ Surface Tests to collect samples from virtually any surface, delivering actionable, reliable results in seconds. Its portability and ability to upload to SureTrend cloud-based software lets you track and trace progress, without leaving the room.

ATP monitoring systems verify your staff are cleaning to the highest standards to ensure a clean and healthy environment. If a surface has not been cleaned properly, Hygiena EnSURE Touch will give you a ‘fail’ result meaning it requires a corrective action such as re-cleaning.

EnSURE Touch Unit

How can we help?

At Gem Scientific, we pride ourselves on being independent hygiene verification specialists. Our team will be happy to talk you through the different options available to find the right system for you. When you purchase an EnSURE Touch from us, you get so much more than just the hardware.

We offer a free virtual demonstration of the Hygiena EnSURE Touch so that you can get see the system in use with direct access to our ATP specialists who can answer any questions you may have.

Our support does not end at the point of purchase. When you invest in a Hygiena EnSURE Touch from Gem Scientific, you also gain access to our aftercare support. This includes free certified product training and specialist aftercare and technical support.

To start your ATP hygiene monitoring program contact our specialist team on 01924 444 577, or LiveChat (during office hours).

The article has been reproduced with permission from Hygiena

*Griffith, C.J., Cooper, R.A., Gilmore, J., Davies, C., & Lewis, M. (2000). An evaluation of hospital cleaning regimes and standards. The Journal of Hospital Infection, 45(1), 19–28.

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