Automatic Titration Systems

Take advantage of the versatility of a Hanna Automatic Titration System

Hanna’s range of automatic titrators features additional functions including mV/ORP meter, pH meter, and ISE meter. The small-sized titrator saves valuable laboratory bench space whilst allowing the user to perform multiple tests on one sample.

Automatic Titration System Features

Hanna's Automatic Titration SystemsElectrode Holder

This electrode holder is able to hold up to 3 electrodes, 1 temperature probe and 4 tubes at any given time. For access to smaller volume titrations without hassle, the holder is angled and the stirrer is removable.
By simply changing the electrode guide, you are able to use electrodes with different diameters when needed. There is no need to move the electrodes around because you get the best tube alignment for your titration with the rotating holder.
The electrode holder is mounted directly onto the titrator body for a more compact design. The press-to-release button makes for simple height control. If you need to save even more space then just reverse the holder to accommodate larger beakers.

Smarter Stirring

The overhead stirrer can be removed and has built-in speed control for more consistent stirring.

Chemically resistant tubing

Dispensing and aspiration tubes are constructed of durable, chemically resistant PTFE. These tubes feature a light-blocking polyurethane outer sleeve to protect light-sensitive reagents.

Multiple burette sizes

The HI-931 and HI-932 are supplied with a 25 mL burette. It may be equipped with a 5 mL, 10 mL, or 50 mL burette. Each of these burettes is constructed with a ground-glass syringe and chemically resistant PTFE plunger.

Enhanced security options

To protect against unauthorised access, administrative users can set a PIN code on the device. The titration method options and results are tamper-proof while a non-administrator operates the titrator, ensuring records remain safe, secure and traceable.

Automatic Titration SystemsClip Lock™ exchangeable burette system

It only takes a few seconds to exchange titrants and reagents preventing cross-contamination and saving time.

Precision dosing pump

Hanna’s unmatched 40,000-step piston-driven pump is capable of dosing extremely small and highly accurate volumes of titrant or reagent.

Designed for dynamic environments

No need to worry about spills in the laboratory with built-in spill handling. An external gutter system protects important connections and interior trays safeguard internal electronics.

Effortless data transfer

A USB port is conveniently located and a direct connection to a PC allows for the transfer of titration methods,  titration reports, and software upgrades. Easily convert titration methods from Hanna’s software to a LIMS friendly format.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]

HI-931 Automatic Potentiometric Titration System (pH/mV/ISE)

Automatic Potentiometric Titration SystemThe HI-931 is the answer to your advanced titration needs. It is fully customisable to meet your testing needs. The HI-931 delivers accurate results and intuitive user experience, all in a compact package.

  • Small footprint so you can fully optimise your benchtop and increase productivity
  • Unmatched 40,000-step dosing pump for small volumes of titrant to help you achieve a very precise endpoint for greater consistency
  • Perfect for dedicated titration needs

HI-932 Automatic Potentiometric Titration System (pH/mV/ISE

HI-932 Automatic Potentiometric Titration System (pH/mV/ISEIf you require greater automation, pair your HI-932 with the HI-922 Autosampler for the most accurate results with the least amount of effort.

  • Small footprint so you can fully optimise your benchtop and increase productivity
  • Reduce downtime and increase efficiency when you perform multiple analyses linked in sequence
  • Works seamlessly with the HI-922 Autosampler of automation of up to 18 samples

If you would require any more information about our automatic titration systems, speak to our team via 01924 444577, or Livechat

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