Benefits to the Grant Unstirred, Circulating and Shaking Water Baths

Grant Unstirred Water Baths: JB Academy, JB Nova and Sub Aqua Pro

This performance intuitive quality practical convenient value water baths are an ideal choice for schools and colleges. With its Set and Forget™ technology allows it to heat up fast and have reliable temperature control. These baths are covered against faulty materials or workmanship guaranteed for 3 years.


  • Simple to use controls, clear bright display (JB Nova)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Proven Performance – The baths technology delivers temperature control that you can rely on
  • Display lock (JB Nova) – This lock disables the front panel controls
  • Drain tap, tray and lid included (JB Nova) – These are suitable for use with heat transfer beads
  • Dry Start/Boil Dry Protection – If water was to evaporate to the point that the bath runs dry, this would lead to the bath’s internal safety cut-out operating. The display will then show ‘otc‘ and sound an alarm. For information on how your bath can be reset: Contact us at or 01924 444577. This is a built-in advanced detection mechanism to greatly reduce the chances of the safety cut out occurring. This feature enables automatically when the set temperature is  >50°C, the bath has been operating for a least one hour and when the water is not set to boiling point (>=99ºC). If the bath does detect these signs that the bath water level may be becoming low, it will begin alerting the user by displaying ‘dry‘ and sounding an alarm

Grant Series Heated Circulating Baths: T100, TC120, TX150 and TXF200

These baths are a cost-effective range of multi-purpose systems combining quality and reliability. Giving precise temperature control for a wide range of laboratory applications. These baths are covered against faulty materials or workmanship guaranteed for 3 years.


  • Accurate and safe temperature control – Safe for samples as well as users
  • Intuitive programming and thoughtful design features – These thoughtful features make working with these baths easy
  • Robust, durable construction – The baths construction for longevity, reliability and long-term low cost of ownership
  • 3-year warranty
  • Number of temperature presets is 3

Grant Shaking Water Baths: OLS Aqua Pro and LSB Aqua Pro Linear

This shaking water range provides a high precision temperature control combined with a robust, high quality, patented orbital and linear shaking mechanism which works smoothly and consistently even in demanding applications. The OLS Aqua Pro and LSB Aqua Pro Linear units are ideal for general laboratory use, life-science & industry. The OLS26 is a combined orbital/linear shaking bath for ultimate flexibility and usability. The LSB12 and LSB18 is excellent usability for all general applications.


  • High quality, robust design – These baths have a unique magnetic coupled shaking mechanism for maximum reliability, consistency and quiet operation
  • Flexible choice of combined orbital/linear shaking or linear only shaking for all routine and demanding techniques
  • Extensive range of accessories – Accessories to provide the right solution for your application. Varied vessels types can be securely held using high-quality clamps, springs or racks

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