Case Study: Diageo Chooses Geotech for the Ultimate Taste Test

Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits and beer make more than 6.5 billion litres of world-class brands, from more than 100 manufacturing sites in 30 countries. A company built and sustained through innovation, Diageo’s quality standards are second to none and when choosing a gas monitoring partner of equal international standing, the natural choice was Geotech.

The Brief
Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations through innovation and technology is a key driver for Diageo. To maintain its distinguished status and protect the reputation and quality of its products, Diageo must ensure the CO2 levels used in all steps of its manufacturing process are 100% compliant with all regulations and requirements. It is imperative for Diageo to monitor levels of CO2 for both site safety and ensuring the quality of its products, as CO2 is a hazard throughout the brewing process, right through to packaging and bottling.

The SolutionGeotech G110 gas analysers
To guarantee CO2 quality assurance, Diageo sought recommendations from across the industry, and all endorsements suggested the global leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology, Geotech. Confident they were using a tried and tested solution, in 2008 Diageo partnered with Geotech through its UK distributor GEM Scientific.  They have since enjoyed a decade of working together to ensure the ultimate in product quality.
Over the past ten years, Geotech and GEM Scientific have worked with Diageo to refine its processes and share industry-leading product innovations. Diageo currently utilises over 60 Geotech G110 gas analysers at sites around the UK.

The G110 portable CO2 analyser is popular with the brewery, food processing, medical and research applications. The analyser measures CO2 0-100% and O2 0-100% and have been developed to incorporate the latest technology that provides customers with a fast, easy to use analyser, providing simple verification of CO2 levels.

For Diageo’s field engineers, the G110 unit is the perfect portable solution for checking the CO2 quality in pubs and bars throughout the UK. Ensuring their Guinness and beer products are served at the highest quality, the easy to view reading screen displays key information concisely and clearly for gas analysis.

Meanwhile, the user calibration function enables staff to work independently and proficiently, whilst the built-in gas dryer tube removes unwelcome moisture from any measuring.

As a valued client, Geotech has worked with Diageo over the past decade to enhance its G110 brewery proposition to create a bespoke solution that exceeds the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) CO2 quality guidelines to deliver a world-class customer experience.

For complete peace of mind, both Geotech and GEM Scientific’s dedicated and experienced technical support, service and sales teams provide on-site demonstrations, field trials, product training and post-sale servicing of equipment.

The Impact
The partnership between Diageo, Geotech and GEM Scientific has stood the test of time. Knowing Geotech’s products are made to the highest specification, adhering to a wide range of international and industry standards, gives Diageo great confidence.

The G110 provides a fast, simple to use, analyser with the facility to store large amounts of data and user-friendly software to download. Diageo can closely monitor its beverages CO2 levels by reviewing reliable, real-time gas readings and adapting any processes necessary at short notice to reflect any gas quality issues. Having such confidence in its gas analysis supports the multinational alcoholic beverage company’s ability to adapt and improve.

Steve Davies Quality Executive at Diageo says: “We’re thrilled to have Geotech and GEM Scientific as trusted partners. They both continue to provide the same exemplary levels of customer service as they did ten years ago when we first appointed them. The consistent monitoring and accurate analysis provided by the G110 verifies that our products are maintaining the quality and taste our customers expect. Geotech’s products provide the best gas analysis equipment that adheres to the highest certification standards, which is why the G110 is used by all our field engineers to ensure our products sold in pubs and clubs throughout the UK meet the highest standards.”

Future Plans
Diageo is looking to grow its expanding portfolio and continue delivering a quality programme, of which Geotech analysers will play an instrumental role.

Steve concluded: “We are very happy with the results we are achieving with Geotech and GEM Scientific and we will, therefore, be using their analysers on all our future projects.”

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