Case Study: Diageo Chooses Geotech for the Ultimate Taste Test

Overview Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits and beer make more than 6.5 billion litres of world-class brands, from more than 100 manufacturing sites in 30 countries. A company built and sustained through innovation, Diageo’s quality standards are second to none and when choosing a gas monitoring partner of equal international standing, the natural choice was Geotech. The Brief Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations through innovation and technology is a key driver for Diageo. To maintain its distinguished status and protect the reputation and quality of its products, Diageo... Read More


Geotech Becomes First in Industry to Receive ISO 17025 Certification

Geotech Achieves Global Accreditation on CO2 Laboratory Monitoring Platform A world leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology, Geotech has announced that its G100 laboratory analyser has become the first in the industry to receive the international ISO 17025 certification, following detailed assessments conducted by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The G100 is a portable analyser used by the global medical and scientific community to enable the quick verification and validation of CO2 levels in incubators. It is of particular value to embryologists, lab technicians, scientists and... Read More


Case Study: Optimizing Laboratory Environment for Successful IVF

Case Study: Optimizing Laboratory Environment for Successful IVF The London Women’s Clinic in Cardiff (LWC Wales) is one of ten clinics within its group which collectively provide expert fertility treatment to families across England and Wales. When it comes to IVF and fertility treatment there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ solution and, as such, the medical teams produce a bespoke fertility programme for each and every patient.  This dedicated approach has earned the clinic its leading reputation and its 69% success rate for three cycles of IVF.  To... Read More


Case Study: Improving implementation success rates for IVF clinics with Geotech G100

Improving clinical pregnancy and implementation success rates for IVF clinics with Geotech G100 Incubator Analyser The accuracy of incubator gases within an IVF laboratory plays a major role in the success of IVF programs in any fertility clinic today.  Therefore, choosing the right equipment is key. Leading Atlanta, US-based IVF clinic, Reproductive Biology Associates’ (RBA) decision to choose a market-leading solution from Geotech, the G100 portable CO2 analyser has improved its overall success rates for clinical pregnancy and implementation. Given the crucial role that the incubator plays in the IVF... Read More


Incubator Monitoring with Geotech’s G100 CO2 Analyser

IVF Incubator Monitoring with Geotech’s G100 CO2 Analyser In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment is on the rise in the UK, with thousands of women turning to IVF each year. Fertility clinics up and down the country are working tirelessly to assist couples in starting a family, with over 48000 women1 having IVF treatment in 2012. Robust and reliable incubators are integral to a successful IVF monitoring process; gas, humidity and temperature levels need to be kept to an optimum.  British firm Geotech has developed their G100 CO2 incubator analyser to... Read More


Using a CO2 Analyser for Stowaway Detection

Using a CO2 Analyser for Stowaway Detection Recently the news continues to report on stories of immigrants using more and more extreme methods to gain entry into the UK. For companies throughout the country involved in cross border consignments, stowaways can present costly problems. In addition to safety and security issues posed by stowaways, drivers are now faced with fines of £2000* for each stowaway carried into the country, as well as potential fines for the vehicle’s owner. Companies have an ongoing need for a portable, quick and effective way... Read More