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Food Testing Reconstructed

Delving into the world of the burger with a handy infographic to show which product is used in every stage of a burger. From the bread to the surface you prepare it on, you need to test, analyse and clean. Testing bread with a 3M™ Gluten Protein Rapid Kit Streamline your process and simplify your food allergen testing with 3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests – qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring of specific food allergens. For more information about this product, visit the Allergen Land here Testing bacon with a Hanna... Read More


Where do you do antibiotic residue testing on milk?

Where do you do antibiotic residue testing on milk? Testing for antibiotic residue in milk is vital at every stage of the production process. If the milk is found to contain antibiotics, then the entire tanker of milk will be discarded. The individual farm samples will be further examined to identify the source of the contaminated milk. The farmer who is responsible will have to reimburse the entire load of milk which would cost thousands of pounds. Along with the fine, the farmer will have their licence suspended until they can... Read More


What is raw water and how safe is it to drink?

What is raw water and how safe is it to drink? Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen numerous news stories about another health fad that is seriously bad for your health. The trend has stemmed from a company called Live Water based in California which supplies jugs of their raw water to those living in and around LA and San Francisco. The company founder, Mukhande Singh argues “Stripping out the ‘bad’ stuff from water when treating it, leaves you short on nutrients and minerals.”  This is a dangerous and potentially deadly... Read More


Ensuring Milk Quality with IDEXX Dairy Testing

Superior detection limits next to unmatched sensitivity If you are concerned about antibiotic residue the IDEXX SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Tests will give you the reassurance of milk quality with the most thorough rapid test available. The ST Plus has unmatched residue detection. It now detects more beta-lactam residues, including cephalexin, than any rapid dairy test. The tests also feature: Enhanced conjugate with superior performance: Without false negatives and with the lowest false positive rate. Validated to certify high-quality standards: ILVO Validated. Process milk with confidence knowing our test is independently... Read More

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Protect the food chain with antibiotic residue detection for milk

Detecting Antibiotic Residue in Milk Ensuring that raw milk that contains antibiotic residue does not enter the market is essential to comply with EC Regulation (No. 853/2004). From farmers and milk producers must ensure that milk from animals under treatment or in the withdrawal period does not enter the food chain. The frequency of testing milk for antibiotics is determined by food businesses at various points in the supply chain. The new SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Test will give you the reassurance of product quality with the most thorough rapid... Read More