Protect the food chain with antibiotic residue detection for milk

Detecting Antibiotic Residue in Milk

Ensuring that raw milk that contains antibiotic residue does not enter the market is essential to comply with EC Regulation (No. 853/2004). From farmers and milk producers must ensure that milk from animals under treatment or in the withdrawal period does not enter the food chain. The frequency of testing milk for antibiotics is determined by food businesses at various points in the supply chain.

SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus TestThe new SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Test will give you the reassurance of product quality with the most thorough rapid test available. The ST Plus detects more beta-lactam residues, including cephalexin, and can test cold milk right from the truck, refrigerator or bulk tank.

You can now buy the SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Tests online in packs of 10, 25 and 100! The rapid nature of the test makes them ideal for use across the whole supply chain as no heat or incubation is required to use them. The product page includes a full list of the residues the tests will detect along with the types of milk it can be used on.

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