Food Industry Month: Conclusion

Week 1: Environmental Monitoring

Recognising food safety and quality issues
As the world increasingly recognises food safety and food quality failures, there’s more emphasis on the environmental monitoring programs. Read more…

Environmental monitoring for spoilage organisms
Environmental monitoring is used by food production companies to plan for microbial spoilage as it allows them to address the issues as they arise. Read more…

The importance of identifying specific goals in environmental monitoring
Although there isn’t a universally recognised framework for environmental monitoring, there are some approaches which are consistent with other parts of food safety and quality management e.g. HACCP. Read more…

Products mentioned this week:

3M Petrifilm Rapid Aerobic Plates Introduction Video

3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Hygiena MicroSnap range

Hygiena™ EnSURE Touch Luminometer

Hygiena InSite Tests

Week 2: Hygiene Monitoring

Guide to ATP monitoring
ATP monitoring is a quick, simple-to-use testing method for assessing the cleanliness of surfaces in food processing facilities. Food and beverage facilities are using ATP monitoring to validate that there is no presence of ATP. Read more…

Swabbing Techniques
Learn how to achieve accurate and reliable swabbing on surfaces and machinery at your facility. Use our tips and directions on how to activate both 3M and Hygiena swabs. Read more…

Products mentioned this week:

Hygiena™ SystemSURE Plus™

3M Clean-Trace Positive Controls for ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systems

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface ATP Swabs

Hygiena™ UltraSnap™ Surface ATP Test

Azospray Hard Surface Disinfectant

Week 3: Allergens

Did You Know… 10 Facts About Food Allergies
Kicking allergen week off with 10 facts about Allergens. Some might be familiar, some may come as a surprise!

A guide to General Allergen Monitoring
Learn about allergens in production areas, kitchens and restaurants. Find information about training your staff, ensuring surfaces are cleaned and where allergen information should be visible. Read more…

Products mentioned this week:

Neogen Reveal 3-D Rapid Allergen Tests

3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Tests

Hygiena™ AllerFlow Gluten Swabs

r-Biopharm RIDA QUICK Soy Tests

Hygiena AlerTox® Sticks for Allergen Detection

Week 4:

What is M.A.P?
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) is used to extend the shelf life of fresh food products. All foods have different gas compositions. Red meat needs high levels of oxygen to maintain the red colour, vegetables usually need a three-gas mixture and bread require low levels of oxygen to avoid mould. Read more…

Products mentioned this week:

Range of gas detectors

Checktemp4 Food Thermometers

3M Freeze Watch Indicators

Testo 270 – Cooking Oil Tester

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Map-Pak) Analysers

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