Incubator Monitoring with Geotech’s G100 CO2 Analyser

IVF Incubator Monitoring with Geotech’s G100 CO2 Analyser

G100 CO2 IVF incubator analyserIn vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment is on the rise in the UK, with thousands of women turning to IVF each year. Fertility clinics up and down the country are working tirelessly to assist couples in starting a family, with over 48000 women1 having IVF treatment in 2012.

Robust and reliable incubators are integral to a successful IVF monitoring process; gas, humidity and temperature levels need to be kept to an optimum.  British firm Geotech has developed their G100 CO2 incubator analyser to address these requirements.

Incorporating the latest technology and specification requirements, the unit provides the user with a fast, simple to use and accurate analyser for the verification of IVF incubators.  The G100 measures CO2 from 0-20% with optional features available including the ability to measure O2 from 0-100%, humidity from 0-100% and dual temperature probes which measure from 0-50oC.  There is also the option for data storage and download with Geotech’s data analysis software.

During a case study2 at an Assisted Reproduction Unit, an embryologist monitoring CO2 found that by using the G100 he could confirm that CO2 levels were being held at very consistent levels, with readings varying no more than 0.1% either side of the target 6.0% CO2.

“I find this G100 analyser invaluable in validation of my equipment for fertility.  To get an accurate, reliable CO2 and temperature monitor is vital to us.  We regularly validate all our incubators to ensure they are at an optimum for IVF and that reflects well on our success results.  I also find the G100 easy to use,” he commented.

Logging levels in the incubator is quick and simple with the G100 and it can also be used to verify and calibrate the IVF incubator’s built in instruments, for example after high temperature cleaning. Using the G100 for monitoring also allows for validation of all incubators to ensure they are at an optimum for embryo or culture development.  It also enables instrument fine tuning and ensures that target CO2, O2, temperature and humidity concentrations are maintained.

Gem Scientific distribute the Geotech G100 CO2 incubator analysers in the UK

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