When Poor Hygiene Puts Customers at Risk, Everybody Loses

Food recalls are on the rise across the UK as major production plants get caught-up in hygiene scandals

In the last few months, there has been a spate of hygiene scandals at food production plants with poor hygiene being exposed, putting consumers at risk. This resulted in two meat suppliers withdrawing all affected products in their supply chains.

The Derby-based supplier was forced to recall its meat products after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspectors uncovered hygiene and food safety failings at their Birmingham site. The supplier hit headlines after Wetherspoon removed all meat products off its menus on Tuesday Steak Club.

Tesco placed inspectors to film secretly to oversee one of their chicken processor’s production team. A report found several hygiene failures, use-by dates on products were extended, kill dates manipulated, unsold meat repackaged, and older meat mixed in with fresh. Documents were leaked showing Tesco’s audit team giving a red warning to a factory in Scotland after finding major issues of non-compliance in five different areas.

In these instances, the meat suppliers were unable to demonstrate compliance with food hygiene rules at their locations. This resulted in the FSA stopping any product from leaving their sites until the business can provide assurances that they are able to comply with the relevant legislation and are producing safe food. FSA has also instructed the supplier to withdraw all affected products in the supply chain.

Luckily, there has been no indication that people have become ill from eating the meat and all suspect meat has been impounded. All staff at the plants will be retrained including management of all food safety and quality management systems and they will install closed-circuit television to check on their staff.

Verifying your cleaning and monitor the results

Using a hygiene monitoring system to evaluate the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures can help ensure the sanitary condition of your production environment. The 3M Clean-Trace LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System helps you quickly prepare for and pass your audits and is designed to give you peace of mind with improved accuracy and breakthrough technology.

The LM1 Luminometer uses ATP technology that is highly efficient because it quickly and easily provides results. It measures ATP from microorganisms and food residues, results are available immediately and indicate whether cleaning has been effective so manufacturing can begin, or shows that re-cleaning and re-testing are necessary to reduce potential contamination before manufacturing starts.

The monitoring and management software, which works in conjunction with the LM1, features an easy to use dashboard for a quick and easy way to create, store and retrieve reports. It allows you to put your data to work identifying workplace trends, optimising productivity and adding value to the process. Improve cleaning consistency, control and ‘right-first-time’ cleaning helping to reduce downtime and achieve a faster return to production. Be proactive and prevent small problems before they become large ones.

Do You Want More From Your Hygiene Monitoring System?

With Gem Scientific’s Firefly Exchange you can trade in your old luminometer and get a minimum of £750 off against a brand new 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System.
Take control of your hygiene protocols and improve cleaning consistency; the system is designed to help you be audit ready for BRC or retailer inspections with minimum effort. Reduce downtime and achieve a faster return to production whilst being proactive, preventing small problems before they become large ones.

So, what are you waiting for?

To learn more about how using the LM1 system can be implemented in your facility, or to make the switch you can speak to one of our ATP experts on 01924 444577 or email hello@gemscientific.co.uk

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