What is raw water and how safe is it to drink?

What is raw water and how safe is it to drink?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen numerous news stories about another health fad that is seriously bad for your health. The trend has stemmed from a company called Live Water based in California which supplies jugs of their raw water to those living in and around LA and San Francisco. The company founder, Mukhande Singh argues “Stripping out the ‘bad’ stuff from water when treating it, leaves you short on nutrients and minerals.”  This is a dangerous and potentially deadly trend that should be distinguished quickly to prevent sickness and death.

What is raw water?

Unlike water that we get from the tap, which is tested daily at water treatment plants for bugs using tests like IDEXX Colilert, raw water from a fresh spring, stream or straight from the ground untreated and untested. People are convinced of its ‘superior’ taste, mouth-feel and health-giving properties and think it is a positive alternative to ingesting fluoride through tap water.

Is it safe to drink?

It is water that hasn’t been treated, filtered or sterilized at all. Meaning it will be full of minerals, algae, animal faeces and carcinogens. This raw water can spread bacteria and diseases including E. coli, cholera, Hepatitis A, and Giardia. According to the World Health Organisation, more than half a million diarrhoeal deaths which are caused each year due to people drinking from contaminated water sources.

Although it is clear as the filtered water when left for a while it starts to turn green! Therefore it should send warnings to those who dare drink it whether it is seen as clear or not.

Facts provided by The Guardian / Business Insider UK  / BT

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