Why Do I Need A Personal CO2 Monitor?

A Guide To Personal CO2 Safety Monitoring

The safety of your staff and customers within your workplace or facility is a high priority, this includes keeping personnel safe from CO2 leaks and gas exposure.

Ensuring ventilation in confined areas and places where gas is used and stored is important, but not the only answer. Ventilation of an area often relies on people’s judgement when they need to open a window or switch on a fan. A personal safety monitor will take all the guesswork out of this, and ensure those walking through risk areas are always kept safe.

Why is CO2 dangerous?

CO2 exists naturally in the atmosphere in very small quantities, however if this was to increase through a natural process or leak from a cylinder it can quickly start to cause harmful effects on humans. In high quantities CO2 can cause serious injuries and even kill if left undetected.

CO2 is used in a variety of industries, and is most commonly found  in bars, cellars, walk-in coolers, restaurants, theatres, sporting stadiums and hotels, practically anywhere that is using CO2 onsite for carbonation or draft beer systems.

The gas is also used in laboratories for cryogenics, incubation and cell culture research.

What is a personal CO2 monitor?

A personal CO2 monitor is a device worn by a person to alert them of any dangerous levels of CO2 gas. The unit will detect levels of CO2 in their immediate environment, ensuring that if they move to another risk area, they will remain safe and will be quickly alerted of any danger.

Worn by the user in a visible place like a shirt pocket, belt loop of attached to a lanyard, the personal CO2 monitor should have the capability to alert the user to a dangerous level of CO2 with audible, visible and vibration alerts as risk areas can sometimes be loud and dark.

Personal CO2 Monitors provide CO2 safety on the go, perfect for beverage delivery drivers, gas delivery workers, workplace health and safety officers, lab managers or anyone who visits multiple sites where there is a risk of elevated levels of CO2.

Why do I need a Personal CO2 Monitor?

Once you have identified why you would need Personal CO2 Monitor from how dangerous the gas can be, outlined above. We know the personal safety of your employees is your number one priority.

It is also the responsibility of the company to keep employees safe and adhere to Workplace Safety Regulations including EH40 across Europe and compliance with OSHA Confined Space Regulations in the USA, that require the monitoring of a person inside a space where a known hazardous gas may be present.

Analox Aspida Personal CO2 Monitor

Analox Aspida

We currently offer the Analox Aspida, which will satisfy all requirements for a personal CO2 monitor, complete with man down alarm for lone workers.

Analox CO2 Buddy Personal CO2 Monitor

Analox CO2 Buddy

Analox is excited about their newly launched personal CO2 Alarm, the CO2BUDDY. This super lightweight and small personal CO2 Alarm was specifically designed to be easily worn on the person without disrupting their normal daily tasks.

Check out the rest of the Analox gas detection products

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Blog reproduced with permission from Analox’s website.

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