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Dairy farms and processors across the country trust Gem Scientific to provide them with the very best analysis and testing instruments.

We have over 21 years working in the dairy industry and our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help and advise you on the right products for your needs.

Key Areas

On this page, we are going to focus on 5 key areas for the dairy industry but if you need a solution you don’t see here please get in touch.

Rapid Antibiotic Residue Tests

IDEXX SNAP® Tests are rugged, easy-to-read tests that detect antibiotic residues in either bulk or individual milk samples. With millions of SNAP tests sold, IDEXX SNAP tests are known worldwide for fast, reliable residue detection. IDEXX products are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities to ensure conformance to international standards of consistency, quality and reliability.

They detect antibiotic residues in raw milk at or below established maximum residue limits. Gem Scientific is the sole UK distributor for IDEXX dairy tests. Buy SNAP ST Beta-Lactam Tests.

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Rapid Microbiology

Milk and milk based products are routinely analysed to ensure it is safe and of high quality. Not only do these tests ensure quality for the consumer, they are also essential in safeguarding the reputation of your brand.

Using 3M Rapid Microbiological tests allows you to increase productivity without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. The range includes Petrifilm count plates, which are designed to give fast, simple and reliable results.

Dairy Analysis

Countless installations in institutes and laboratories all over the world attest to the outstanding quality,
reliability and accuracy of Funke Gerber’s rapid milk analysis instruments.

The Lactostar and Lactoflash are used for the rapid analysis of the main constituents of milk such as fat, protein and lactose. The Cryostar can detect added water in milk with precision down to a thousandth of a degree celsius.

Hygiene Monitoring

Keeping all areas of your business clean is an important daily task. Residues remaining on surfaces provide nutrients for spoilage or pathogenic bacteria to thrive, which could lead to product contamination.

You can be proactive by using a hygiene management system which is a useful way to identify areas needing attention. The 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring Systems can give cleaning validation results quickly allowing you to take corrective action immediately.

Somatic Cell Count

Take control of the mastitis levels by conducting an accurate, instant, on-farm somatic cell count test on any cow or quarter. The direct somatic cell count pinpoints the need for bacteriological tests, which helps avoids unnecessary testing and associated costs.

The focus on this parameter is growing constantly around the world, because milk with a high somatic cell count means lower milk quality. As an example, to produce cheese you must have milk with a low cell count.

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