3M™ Dipslides

3M™ Dipslides

The 3M™ Dip/Contact Slide is a safe, reliable and fast indicator of the presence of bacteria in liquids or on surfaces. Used to monitor microbial contamination, the Dip/Contact Slide is so simple to use that only minimal training is required.


3M™ Dipslides

The 3M™ Dipslides are an easy indicator of the presence of bacteria, yeast and moulds, in liquids or on surfaces. Used to monitor microbial contamination, the dip/contact slide is simple to use and only minimal training is required. The 3M Dipslide is designed to be used on-site where sampling only takes a few seconds.

For liquid testing, immerse the Dipslide in fluid for 10 seconds, remove and allow excess liquid to drain before replacing the slide in the tube. For surface testing, press the slide against the surface to be tested, repeat the procedure on the other side of the slide and replace in the tube.

After incubating the slides for 24-48 hours the resulting growth patterns are compared to a chart and the level of microbial contamination can be ascertained. The appropriate remedial action can then be taken.

Key Features of 3M Dipslides

  • Ideal for remote sampling
  • Reliable, simple to use and easy to interpret
  • Two results in one test
  • No preparation required
  • Results available in 24-48 hours
  • No laboratory facilities required
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BPA/VRBG, Listeria spp., Nutrient + TTC/Malt, PCA + TTC + Neut (x2), PCA/OGYE + Neut, PCA/VRBG, PCA/VRBG + Neut, PCA+TTC/MacConkey, TTC/TTC


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