Baxtran HZ High Precision Scale

Baxtran HZ High Precision Scale

The Baxtran HZ High Precision Scale functions include:

  • Piece counting
  • Determination of percentage
  • Filter of weighing of animals
  • Custom unite
  • Control of weight
  • Function of target weighing
  • Determination of density
  • Calibration of the pipette
  • Statistics
  • Totalization
  • Formulation


Baxtran HZ High Precision Scale

These Baxtran HZ High Precision Scales functions include piece counting, determination of percentage, filter of weighing of animals, custom unite, control weight, function of target weighing, determination of density, calibration of the pipette, statistics, totalization and formulation. This Baxtran HZ is a quick and precise scale for use in laboratory and industry sectors.


  • LCD backlight display, with advanced eye protection
  • 8 digits of 15 mm in display with messages as a way to guide the user
  • 7 keys of direct functions
  • Superior frame in ABS and pan in stainless steel
  • Scale with a metal housing robust frame, for the protection against the causes of electrical storms and electromagnetic interferences
  • Draft shield (available depending on the model), with more space for samples
  • Four adjustable feet. They allow greater stability, giving more precise results.
  • Bubble level
  • Time of answer: 2-3 seconds
  • Under weighing
  • Available models with internal calibration (HZ-I)
  • RS232, PC format and printer
  • 3 type of data sending to PC:
    – Continue: data sending in continuous mode
    – Ald: data sending to PC in stabilized weight
    – Req: data sending to PC by user request
  • It is included dust cover and blister

Code Capacity (g) Readout (g) Pan Dimension (mm)
260353 120 0.0001 Ø90
260355 220 0.0001 Ø90
260352 120 0.0001 Ø90
260354 220 0.0001 Ø90

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