Cole-Parmer Integrity 10 Reaction Station

Cole-Parmer Integrity 10 Reaction Station

The Integrity 10 accuracy can be maintained over a wide temperature range of -30°C to 150°C, with precise, independently controlled temperature profiles. Homogeneous sample mixing may be assured with stirring rates of between 350rpm to 1200rpm using powerful magnetic stirrers. The Integrity 10 is an excellent tool for the user to establish ideal process conditions.

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Cole-Parmer Integrity 10 Reaction Station

Enabling you to conduct 10 different reactions simultaneously within the same reaction unit. Each reaction being conducted within its own cell at its own individual temperature and stir rate. This Integrity 10 Reaction Station is an excellent screening tool that can be used in most laboratories. Fast heating and cooling rates can be selected if desired. These rates can have temperature ramps of between 0.1°C/min to 5°C/min. The Integrity 10 has a crash function for even faster temperature changes which is ideal for kinetic determinations. The Integrity 10 extreme temperature accuracy is guaranteed. A temperature stability of ± 0.2°C and a maximum setpoint overshoot of 0.1°C. Maintaining temperature either through the block itself or by using a probe within each cell’s solution.


  • 10 individual controllable cells
  • Optional attachments for refluxing, and working under inert conditions
  • Optional multi-infrared probes for solubility/crystallisation studies
  • Local control via colour touchscreen

Specifications Integrity 10
Number of Positions 10
Cell Cavity Diameter 25.5mm
Sample Volume 1 – 25ml
Temperature Range – 30°C to + 150°C
Possible temperature difference between adjacent positions 180°C
Temperature Overshoot 0.1°C (max)
Maximum controlled heating cooling ramp rate 0.1°C to 5°Cmin in 0.1°Cmin steps
Stir Speed Range 350 – 1200rpm
Viscosity Capacity Glycerine at 25°C
Recommended Stir Bars 12 x 4.5mm (cylindrical) or 10 x 6mm (oval)

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