ETI Colour-Coded Milk Frothing Thermometers – Barista

ETI Colour-Coded Milk Frothing Thermometers – Barista

Available in various probe lengths and dial sizes. Also available as a pack of three (red, green and blue). These selected colours represent a very economical solution to avoid cross-contamination.


ETI Colour-Coded Milk Frothing Thermometers – Barista

To help baristas easily identify different types of milk, these colour-coded barista or coffee thermometers incorporate colour-coded cases. These thermometers are used in stainless steel jugs. The colour-coded cases are to avoid cross-contamination. Incorporating a °C/°F dial with colour coded zones which indicate the optimum temperature. Making them both simple and fast to use.

Each thermometer is supplied with a calibration spanner, stainless steel jug mounting probe clip and protective probe cover.


  • Easy to read dial with colour-coded zones
  • Includes FREE calibration spanner
  • Ideal barista thermometer
  • Colour-coded cases – pack of 3


  • Probe wipes
    – 10 tubes of 70 mini probe wipes
    – Carton of 100 single sachet probe wipes
    – Probe wipes 180 tub x 6
    – Probe-wipes wall bracket – stainless steel

Specifications  Thermometer
Range -10 to 110°C
Resolution 1°C
Display analogue dial
Case Material Stainless steel
Guarantee One year
Measurement Scale Celsius/Fahrenheit
Dial diameter 45mm
Stem length 175mm

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