GS Biotech 14 Litre CO2 Incubators

GS Biotech 14 Litre CO2 Incubators

This GS Biotech incubator range is designed around a scalable architecture and offers features as standard:

  • Optimum chamber environment, profiled heating creates gentle circulation –no fan or HEPA filter
  • Seamless chamber, with rounded interior corners, makes cleaning easy
  • Removable shelves are non-tip
  • Sealed inner glass door allows chamber viewing
  • Temperature range programmable from 4 °C above ambient to 50 °C
  • Infrared CO2 Sensor, with auto self-referencing function
  • CO2 range programmable from 0.2 to 20 %
  • Removable, seamless, stainless steel humidity reservoir
  • 25mm access port for cable pass-through etc
  • HEPA filtration for all incoming gasses
  • Large range of options allows you to configure each incubator for each task
  • Optional data capture and reporting for QA and verification purposes
  • 3 Year Warranty (extendable)

Control System Safety Features Include:

  • Independent over temperature cut-out
  • Calibration and programmed data internally backed up to guard against loss


GS Biotech 14 Litre CO2 Incubators

Two models available:

Oxygen Control (Gold model only)
2 Oxygen control options are available: 1-19% & 0.1-19%. Both these control systems consist of nitrogen injection to accurately control the desired below ambient Oxygen level.

RS232 – Communication Socket (Silver model only)
an RS232socket can be fitted to enhance the communication function so it can allow external date monitoring. This option, however, doesn’t include onboard data logging.


  • 170L seamless chamber with fully rounded corners
  • Drywalled chamber with no condensate spot
  • Infrared hermetically sealed CO2 sensor
  • CO2 auto reference system
  • Sealed inner glass door
  • Large LCD display with LED backlight
  • 25mm access port with sealing plus
  • RS232 output socket (Gold model & Silver option available)
  • Onboard datalogger (Gold model only)
  • O2 control 1-19% (Gold model option available)

Specifications  14L incubator
Temperature range 4°C above ambient to 50°C
Tray capacity 0.3 litres
Co2 control range 0.2 – 20%
Dimensions (WxD) 215 X 192mm

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