Sartorius Microsart e.motion Dispenser

Sartorius Microsart e.motion Dispenser

The Microsart e.motion dispenser covers the following applications:

  • Cosmetics
  • Beverages (wine, beer, bottled water and soft drinks)
  • Pharmaceutical analysis (WFI, purified water, bioburden testing and microbial limits testing of non-sterile products)
  • Environmental analysis (water monitoring)


Sartorius Microsart e.motion Dispenser

The Microsart e.motion Dispenser gives the user an efficient and ergonomic workflow with fast and reliable membrane filter dispensing. The Microsart e.motion Dispenser has a small footprint so it saves your precious space under the laminar air flow. This space to be used for other things such as samples, funnels and media instead. This dispenser offs the easiest and most flexible way of membrane filter dispensing. The Microsart dispenser comes in 3 different operation modes: Push-button, Foot-switch or Sensor mode.

The new larger packs of 250 membrane filters means that you are able to work a complete shift without needing to stop and reload the Microsart e.motion dispenser. To make it easily transportable and removable, the dispenser is lightweight and includes a convenient handle. To be conveniently inserted, the membrane filter band is specially designed for this dispenser and it allows the filters to be changed quickly when needed.

Key Features

  • 1 pack contains 250 membrane filters
  • Reliable and fast membrane filter dispensing
  • Ideal for high throughput applications
  • Filters are released from their sterile packaging automatically
  • Window field for membrane information visibility (filter type, lot number etc)
  • Dispenser filters can be conveniently and quickly changed
Specifications e.motion Dispenser
Line Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Line Voltage 100 – 240 V
Dimensions (H x W x D) 233 x 172 x 230
Weight Range 2.4 kg
Primary Product Type Dispensers
Dispensing Speed 0.5 seconds
Application Microbial enumeration
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