Suez Integra L

Suez Integra L

  • Ion exchange cartridges incorporating monospherical,
    semiconductor grade mixed bed deionising resin with a low TOC
    leaching profile and a high activity organic absorption media
  • Sub-micron and ultrafilter to remove particles, bacteria and
  • 185nm or photo-oxidising UV to cleave organic compounds
    into smaller charged ionic species that can be removed by ion
  • 254nm UV to reduce bacteria by more than 99%


Suez Integra L

The Suez Integra L unit has been designed to provide a broad spectrum of purified water for laboratory applications. They are also designed to feed a laboratory suite with several outlets using a ring main to provide a continuous supply. The Integra L stores the water in an integral 250-litre stainless steel tank. Two models are available: the Integral LS for soft feed water and Integral LH for hard feed water. The Integra L units provide higher grades of purified water by the addition of optional polishing than the basic Integra L units


  • Single compact unit which purifies, stores and distributes lab water
  • Produces up to 600 l/hr
  • Provides ASTM Type I, II or III water and BS EN ISO grade 1,2 or 3 water
  • Utilises reverse osmosis technology, in conjunction with activated carbon and particulate filtration as part of the first stage of purification
  • Integrated data logging for performance traceability equipped as standard
  • Delivered factory tested for ease of installation
  • LCD touch screen display for ease of operation.

Specifications Unit Specification
Width X Depth X Height 1000 x 750 x 1800mm
Max shipping weight 310kg
Max working weight 550kg

Specifications Installation Requirements
Feedwater Potable*
Maximum TDS 1000ppm
Inlet pressure – psi (bar) 15 (1) – 90 (6.2)
Feed water temperature 1-35°C

*pH of stored water may decrease due to absorption of free carbon dioxide

Specifications Treated Water Specifications
Conductivity < 30μs/cm*
Bacteria > 99% rejection**
Organics – TOC (ppb) < 50***
Particles 0.2μm**
Endotoxins 0.25EU/ml**

* For enhanced inorganic and organic quality the unit can be fitted with either 10,15 or 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisers packs.
** Optional ‘BioPack’ will provide purified water with a total viable count of <1cfu/ml, endotoxin level <0.25EU/ml and particles <0.2μm
*** Typical level, depends on feedwater

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