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KT Series - Cooling incubators

The KT series combines outstanding performance with impressive energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The cooled incubators of the KT series are state-of-the-art in application and protect the samples.

KB ECO Series - Cooling...

Thanks to thermoelectric cooling technology with patented heat dissipation, the new KB ECO cooling incubator is one of the most energy-efficient cooling incubator on the market. The thermoelectric cooling technology means the KB ECO series is also very quiet during operation.

KB Series - Cooling incubators

The powerful virtuoso in cooling incubators for microorganisms: the KB masters temperature ranges from -10℃ to 100℃. The new KB series consumes up to 30% less energy compared to its predecessor. With its extensive programming options and homogenous incubation conditions even when fully loaded, this cooling incubator covers a wide range of applications.

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