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For 80 years BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production worldwide.

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ProxiMate™ NIR System
  • Down and Up View: Sample type variety can require different analytical approaches for optimum performance or practicality. ProxiMate allows you to capitalise on the best approach by allowing measurement from the top (down view) or from the bottom (up view)
  • Magnetic Drive: Samples are rotated using a magnetically coupled drive unit. When the analysis is complete, this is removed to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Glass Free Environment: Many production environments prohibit the use of glass. ProxiMate offers the option of using plastic petri-dishes in down view mode. Using this mode, the type of plastic of the sample container will not affect the measurement.
  • Sample Type Flexibility: Getting the sample presentation right is key for accurate measurements. To reduce sampling error, larger sample volumes are needed when samples are inhomogeneous. Smaller samples are preferred when samples are valuable. ProxiMate offers options to cover all preferences.
  • Visible Detector Option: ProxiMare allows users to maximise their measurement performance by capitalising on NIR only, visible only or by combining both visible and NIR signals to improve measurement performance and evaluate samples fully.

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