Hygiena® have announced their SureTrend® ‘Essential’ package, which you currently subscribe to, has come to an end. It has been replaced by the new SureTrend® subscription packages which include; the ‘Starter’, ‘Power’ and ‘Premium’ subscription choices.


Your Essential package will no longer be available for subscription or renewal as of 15th November 2023. Should no action be taken, your account will automatically transfer to the free-to-use Starter package from that date onwards.

The Starter package will closely resemble what you currently use. However, the following features will be moved to the Power and Premium packages:

Environmental Mapping

Account Domain Lock

Global Admin Access

Customised Reports

Access for >5 Users


See below for the full features of each subscription package.


Remain on/Move to Starter: Your account will have been automatically moved to the Starter package on the 15th of November 2023, if you decided not to upgrade.

Upgrade to Power: The Power package includes all the above features as well as enhanced SureTrend alerts, ability to upload external data, access for 20 SureTrend users as well as options for API access to third party systems.

Upgrade to Premium: The Premium package includes all features within Power, with the addition of automated email reports, integrated all sites dashboard, account domain lock, account SSO and access for an unlimited number of SureTrend users.

Hygiena® is committed to continue the free-to-use Starter package for all users who require it. We are also developing and launching innovative new features into the Power & Premium packages providing you, our valued customer, with consistent added value to your annual subscription.

This change will mean that you are only paying for the features/tools you use on a regular basis.


Usage Level
Unlimited Locations & Data Storage
Unlimited Plan Scheduling
Pre-Build Reports & Dashboards
User Roles - Owner, Admin, User
Q7 Data Integration
World-Class Ongoing Support
Enhanced Environmental Maps
Custom Reports
SureTrend Alerts
Externally Sourced Data Analysis
API access (setup & data fee)
Emailed Reports
Integrated All-sites Dashboard
Account Domain Lock
Account SSO
SureTrend Users
Cost (per year)*

For those getting started with data trending within their facility.


For those who want to track, trend, customise, map & view data in a facility.

For those who want to track, trend, customise, map & view data across sites.

* Price may be subject to Manufacturer price increases each year.


If you would like to upgrade your account to Power or Premium, please contact Lisa Preston or Katie Forrester for a quotation.

Email Lisaor Katie

Telephone: 01924 444 577

We can also arrange a demonstration of the new features available within the Power and Premium packages should you have any further questions.

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