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Bath Armor™

Designed for Water baths:

  • No more filling topping up water baths, and maintaining the water level.
  • Cleaning frequency reduced.
  • No water bourne contamination.
  • Can be washed or sterilized.
  • Good thermal heat distribution.
New Low Price Heat exchange coil

Heat exchange coil

£202.50 vat excl.

£243.00 vat Inc.

Availability: 50 In Stock
Attach to a supply of cooling tap water or a refrigerated circulator. Temperature range: 2∫C above the temperature of the coolant
Liquid Sanitiser - 1L x 4

Liquid Sanitiser - 1L x 4

£200.00 vat excl.

£240.00 vat Inc.

Availability: 10 In Stock
  • Ready-to-use solution and comes with a measuring cup for simple and accurate manual dosing
  • Use Weekly
  • Odour and colour free
  • No toxic gases
  • Chlorine and alcohol free formulation
  • Fully biodegradable; decomposes to water and oxygen
  • 2 Year shelf-life
  • Pack of 4 x 1L bottles

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