List of products by brand Olympus

Olympus are a leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus provides innovative medical systems, digital cameras and scientific solutions.

Active filters

CX43 Biological Microscope
  • Smooth magnification change
  • Use up to five objectives
  • Ergonomically-positioned focus knob, stage and eyepiece position
  • Specimen holders that match your observation style
  • Uniform illumination with consistent colour temperature
  • Excellent optical performance for flat images
  • Contrast enhancement with simple aperture stop operation
  • Simple fluorescence observation
  • Single-handed sample placement
  • Observation method: phase contrast, Blue excitation fluorescence, Simple polarized light, brightfield, darkfield
  • Observation Tubes:  Standard FN18 Tilting binocular, Standard FN20 binocular and trinocular

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