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Gem Scientific works closely with the global smart technology provider,  Xylem Analytics. For over 20 years, Xymel has provided digital monitoring titrators which are used to check the level of nitrogen, chloride and other chemicals in water and other liquids. Xylem titrators are currently implemented worldwide in many sectors, including medical, life science and food & beverage applications. Using the USB ports facilities, experts can collect real-time titration curves, results and parameters in PDF and CSV formats. Discover more about our titrator’s collections and our brands.

Explore our full range of Xylem Titrators at Gem Scientific. Titration is a common laboratory method used to identify the level of an identified substance in a solution, and Xylem’s digital monitoring titrators are used to easily determine the presence of nitrogen, chloride and other chemicals in water and other liquids. Giving quick and accurate results that are easily accessible through the system's USB ports in both CSV and PDF formats, Xylem Titrators are widely used across many different industries and sectors.


Xylem is a company that is committed to ‘solving water.’ Their mission is to solve the water challenges that place people, the environment and communities at risk. Research shows that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries with a scarce water supply and Xylem are passionate about creating innovative and smart tech solutions to help solve this and meet the world’s water and energy needs in the most sustainable ways possible.


Our full range of Xylem Titrators allows for accurate research results and quality control across the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Starting with the user-friendly Xylem Titroline 5000 Titrator commonly used to perform titration in the food and beverage industry to the more complex Titroline 7500 KF Titrator, there’s a Xylem Titrator to suit all industry needs in our extensive range. For more options, you may also like to explore our full range of digital-monitoring titration solutions.

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Titroline 5000 Titrator
  • High-resolution pH/mV-measurement input for pH-, ORP-, silver - and further mV-electrodes
  • Pt 1000 and NTC 30 temperature measurement input for automatic temperature compensation
  • Pre-installed standard methods for FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, chloride etc
  • Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence points
  • Titration to pH and mV-end points
  • Same manual titration and dosing function as the piston burette TITRONIC® 300
Titroline 7000 Titrator
  • Fast and accurate
  • Guided workflow
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Comprehensive result storage
  • Excellent visibility
  • USB connectivity
  • Password protection security
  • Colour coded identification
Titroline 7500 KF Titrator
  • High visible full-colour display, that can be easily viewed from a distance and extreme angles
  • Storage of results via USB port (PDFwhere and CSV -format)
  • With intelligent interchangeable modules
  • Fast, easy and precise
  • With standard methods for different applications (titer determination, blank value

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