From benchtop models through to bespoke in-line equipment, checkweighers are used across many industries for monitoring weight, especially in food processing and pharmaceutical production applications.

Active filters

Checkweigher Flexus Combi
  • Easy inspections and cleaning
  • Safety and reliability thanks to EMFC load cell technology
  • Check weight and/ or integrity of your product - optimise your filling processes
  • Reliably detected (all metal foreign bodies, ferrous, non-ferrous metals and non-magnetic stainless steels)
  • Easy to combine with metal detection technology Vistus
  • Easy to integrate into your production environment
  • Minimal effort needed to change to line configurations and quick transitions between products
  • Ideal solution every time
Cosynus Checkweigher and...
  • Display scale divisions 0.1 g to 1g
  • Weighing systems: 1.0 kg, 2.0 kg, 5.0 kg or 7.0 kg
  • 3 display and control units: 6.4" TFT, 10.4" TFT or 15" TFT with touchscreen
  • Aperture width of the coils for metal detection: 225, 275 or 375 mm
  • Aperture height of the coil for metal detection: working height 110 max.
  • Max. throughput 200pcs/min
Checkweigher EWK WS 30/60 kg
  • Verifiable as legal for trade
  • Weighing systems from 700 g to 60 kg
  • Max. throughput 600 items/min.
  • 2 display and control units: 10.4" TFT or 15" TFT with touch screen
  • Special versions and software available
  • Standard deviation from 0.01 g and up
  • Can be optionally combined with a metal detector
  • USB Print option: Standard USB memory stick and standard web browsers for flexible data transfer without a network
Checkweigher Econus
  • Maximum throughput of 120 pcs. per minute
  • IP54 protection class, IP65 available as an option
  • Weight: approx. 120 kg (depending on configuration)
  • Password protection for secure processes
  • Program-controlled belt speed for optimal weighing
  • Easy to clean its stainless steel design
  • Easy to operate belt tensioning mechanism
  • IP65 protection class
  • Easy integration into your product line (without needing an engineer)

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