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Sani-Cloth 70% Disinfectant...

Sani-Cloth 70% Disinfectant Wipes

£29.70 vat excl.

£35.64 vat Inc.

Availability: 134 In Stock
  • Proven Efficacy - Complete disinfection in 2 minutes including Coronavirus and Flu in 15 seconds.
  • Maximum Flexibility - Can be used on non-invasive medical devices; non-porous hard surfaces.
  • Fast Acting - Quick drying, no residue formulation containing 70% Isopropanol alcohol, allowing the disinfected area or equipment to be used shortly after application.
  • Ready to Use - Pre-dosed, low linting disposable alcohol disinfection wipes, requiring no mixing or measuring, with no smear formulation.
  • Supporting Resources - Point of Use accessories including canister bracket holders, "I Am Clean" tape & sticky notes, IFU videos and posters.  
  • Supports Carbon Net Zero Goals - Manufactured in the UK, resulting in supply chain reliability and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Pack of 6 tubs - 200 wipes per tub.
Virkon S Disinfectant, 5 kg

Virkon S Disinfectant, 5 kg

£126.78 vat excl.

£152.14 vat Inc.

Availability: 46 In Stock
  • Powerful broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectant.
  • Effective on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge.
  • Ideal for livestock housing, surface, equipment, water delivery system and aerial disinfection.
  • Independently verified effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease-causing organisms.
  • United kingdom Defra approved
Rely+On - Virkon...

Rely+On - Virkon Disinfectant Powder

£170.00 vat excl.

£204.00 vat Inc.

Availability: 49 In Stock
  • Unrivalled spectrum
  • Built-in colour indicator of strength
  • Resistant to inactivation by organic material
  • Contains a surfactant - combines cleaning and disinfection in one operation
  • Avoids the problems of pre-cleaning which spreads infection
  • Tablets are convenient to store and easy to handle
  • Makes 500L from 5KG drum.

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