List of products by brand Miele

Miele Professional machines are developed by Miele engineers and the carefully selected components are largely produced in their expert centres in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Regardless of whether it is a question of process safety in medical technology or reliable cleanliness in laundry technology the Miele values of continuous research, high levels of investment and uncompromising quality management are followed at every stage. Customised precisely to your requirements, Miele Professional machines provide quality you can rely on.

Active filters

Laboratory Glasswashers
  • High-performance wash technology guarantees that complex hollow instruments and laboratory glassware can be safely reprocessed at a high wash pressure
  • Ultrasonic dispenser guarantees high precision regardless of the viscosity and temperature, giving the user perfect control of media dosing
  • Equipped with one or more integrated dispenser pumps allows cleaning or neutralisation agents to be dispensed automatically
  • Conductivity monitoring the wash water facilitates the detection of chemical agent residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing
  • EcoDry patented AutoOpen function opens automatically as soon as the temperature falls below 70℃, allowing residual moisture to escape easily and the washed items to dry more quickly
  • For hollow body instruments, the DryPlus upstream H13 HEPA filter ensures optimum particle separation from the drying air

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