At Gem Scientific our customers really do matter, and we strive to constantly provide the highest levels of service and support.

Therefore as part of the purchase of a Hygiena EnSure Touch luminometer, we decided rather than just supply the physical product, we would ensure you receive the following FREE of charge.

Before A Purchase Of An EnSURE Touch:  

  • We are always happy to discuss your needs and product matching.
  • Option to receive a demonstration of the EnSure Touch and its capabilities.

Before Shipping The EnSURE Touch:

  • We will set up your Ensure Touch along with the software so that you can just switch on and get testing when it arrives with you.
  • Bulk upload of all plans and locations to save you time allowing you to get on with your production critical tasks. The number of locations is not limited in this service and can range from just a few locations up to hundreds within a larger site. 
  • Industry Sector guidance and support on setting site RLU levels

So when you receive your Hygiena EnSure Touch, it is ready to go immediately.

After Delivery:

  • Free Certified Training - with a certificate for each attendee. Perfect for HACCP and other regulatory audits.
  • Technical, software and hardware support - ongoing


Not only do we offer certified training on the EnSURE Touch, but we will tailor the training to include the following 

  • Best Practice ATP testing 
  • Adding and Managing Users 
  • Adding and Managing Locations and Plans 
  • Software Reporting 
  • Navigation of the Allergen, Indicator Organism, Environmental and Process Efficiency Apps
  • Use of compatible swabs


Hygiena Swabs

No other UK supplier to the best of our knowledge provides this level of service or offers it FREE of charge!

To learn more, either email Lisa or call her - telephone 01924 444577

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