Ensuring Milk Quality with IDEXX Dairy Testing

Superior detection limits next to unmatched sensitivity

IDEXX SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus TestsIf you are concerned about antibiotic residue the IDEXX SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Tests will give you the reassurance of milk quality with the most thorough rapid test available.

The ST Plus has unmatched residue detection. It now detects more beta-lactam residues, including cephalexin, than any rapid dairy test.

The tests also feature:

  • Enhanced conjugate with superior performance:
    • Without false negatives and with the lowest false positive rate.
  • Validated to certify high-quality standards:
    • ILVO Validated. Process milk with confidence knowing our test is independently validated by ILVO.
    • ISO Certified. Rigorous quality control standards have been applied, including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.
  • Robust and versatile.
    • Test raw or commingled milk on the go, without heat or incubation steps. Laboratory workers, truck drivers and farmers can read robust test results visually, or by using the IDEXX SNAPshot DSR Reader. Fully implementable in a LIMS.
  • Most important animal groups & variety of milk types.
    • Tests can be done on normal raw milk, UHT milk, sterilized milk, reconstituted milk powder, thawed milk, and skimmed milk. Species include cows, ewes, goats, mares, buffaloes and camel.

IDEXX SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Tests are available to purchase directly from our website, from just £32.00.

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