ERAM’s Day Under The Stars Round Up

A whirlwind trip around the solar system for the East Region Association of Microbiologists

Yesterday we welcomed the East Region Association of Microbiologists (ERAM) to The Planetarium at ThinkTank Birmingham for their general meeting.

We started the day with refreshments on the third floor where guests could interact with all the exhibits in the museums ‘Futures’ floor – including a drum playing robotic arm!

The meeting kicked off with Justin welcoming the guests and introducing them to Gem Scientific and Northern Balance, followed by Matt Bricknell from 3M discussing the advances in Petrifilm and their Molecular Detection System (MDS) System.

ERAM Event Meeting Room Panorama

During the morning break, we ushered out guests into the event suite for refreshments and a quick look at some of the products we brought down to display including an Analox Ax60+, Geotech G100, AGC Map-Pak Analyser and Ohaus Heavy Duty Shaker.

The second half of the morning session saw a presentation of Tecnic B.V.’s innovative Inobot and TAPR system for automated microbiology testing. The TAPR system was also available to view in the event suite, kindly brought over from the Netherlands by Jan from Tecnic B.V.

During lunch, everyone had the opportunity to examine instruments we had brought down and pick the brains of our team and Paul and Matt from 3M about the technologies on show as well as feast on the great spread provided by the museum catering staff.

We had a really enjoyable day and hope that our guests did too! Thank you to Paul and Matt from 3M and Jan from Tecnic B.V. for their assistance and to everyone who attended, we hope to do it again soon!

Check out the gallery below to see some snaps and videos from the day – if you would like more info on this event or would like to work with Gem Scientific on a similar project email

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