Cost Effective Temperature Monitoring in Distribution

Temperature monitoring within the distribution change is vital. Some products including pharmaceuticals and chemicals can be irreversibly damaged when exposed to freezing temperatures.

3M Freeze Watch IndicatorsA cost-effective way to monitor exposure to freezing temperatures is to use 3M Freeze Watch Indicators. The patented design of Freeze Watch indicators consists of a highly sensitive indicating liquid inside a specially designed ampule.

When exposed to freezing temperatures, the ampule fractures, releasing a liquid. The liquid irreversibly stains a paper behind the ampule, indicating that the product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures so product quality testing should be performed.

Ideal for monitoring products that are damaged when exposed to cold and freezing temperatures during shipment and storage, including:

  • Vaccines
  • Medical implants
  • Drugs
  • Blood
  • Food
  • Temperature-sensitive chemicals

To discuss how 3M Freeze Watch Indicators can be implemented in your business please call 01924 444577 or email

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