Are You Testing For Lactic Acid Bacteria?

Are You Testing For Lactic Acid Bacteria?

Every day, food processors, retailers and consumers are forced to throw out food spoiled with lactic acid bacteria. These normally useful bacteria can cause undesirable changes to ready-to-eat meats and seafood, dressings and sauces, vegetables and many other processed foods.

This not only contributes to food waste and costly recalls but can also damage your brand reputation.

Oxygen-Scavenging Technology

3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count PlateFor the first time ever, the 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate combines oxygen-scavenging technology and oxygen-barrier films to create a self-contained anaerobic environment.

  • No gas packs, chambers, or CO₂ incubators needed.
  • Results in 48 hours of incubation time.
  • Ready-to-use plates eliminate the need for labor-intensive media preparation, special diluents and sample pH adjustment.

Now food processors and testing laboratories can get true, accurate anaerobic results using aerobic incubation conditions, providing enhanced recovery of lactic acid bacteria within 48 hours.

For more information about the 3M Petrifilm Count Plates and how they can be implemented in your lab, our team will be more than happy to help and advise you. Give them a call on 01924 444577 or email

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