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MKT Series - Dynamic...
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Temperature ranges between -70℃ and 180℃, with the added benefit of natural simulation, are what make the BINDER MKT series so unique. At the same time, this environmental simulation chamber fulfills the very highest precision and performance requirements for cyclical temperature tests.

MKFT Series - Dynamic...
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The BINDER MKFT series environmental simulation chamber for low temperature alternating climate profiles is the specialist for dynamic alternating climate change between -70℃ and 180℃. Large performance reserves and rapid cooling make the MKFT environmental simulation chamber the high-end product for complex standards-based climate tests.

MKF Series - Dynamic...
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A BINDER MKF series environmental simulation chamber is ideally suited for any cold and heat testing based on current temperature and climate testing methods according to DIN and IEC standards. The comprehensive standard equipment for this environmental simulation chamber ensures ease of operation.

MK Series - Dynamic climate...
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The BINDER MK series chamber is suitable for all heat and cold tests between -40℃ and 180℃. The MK is a clever alternative to complex individual solutions for cyclical temperature tests.

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