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Environmental Monitoring for BRCGS: Microorganism Indicator and Spoilage Organism Testing

Welcome to our Environmental Monitoring for BRC Global Standards for Food Safety (BRCGS) series. Download our free guide today. By taking a proactive approach to microorganism testing companies can mitigate problems before they arise. BRCGS clause 4.11.8 identifies requirements for incorporating testing into an environmental monitoring program allows for continual assessment of cleaning protocols at a microbial level. Effective programs can be used to prevent contamination by acting as an early warning before they affect products. Sampling and testing will differ from site to site depending on the risks assessed... Read More

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Environmental monitoring for spoilage organisms

Environmental monitoring for spoilage organisms Environmental monitoring is used by food production companies to plan for microbial spoilage as it allows them to address the issues as they arise. Quality management systems are useful because spoilage incidents can happen at irregular times. Without consistent monitoring, chronic issues can go unseen. Processing environments are considered to be the main contributor to microbial quality issues. Manufacturers use environmental monitoring as verification of hygiene to control these issues. If a facility has poor environmental hygiene, it increases the risk of accidental microbial spoilage.... Read More

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Farm to Fork March – Food Industry

Each month we will be looking into an industry. This March we are looking into the food industry. Stay tuned to our socials for videos and more blogs Week 1 We begin with micro-organisms. We will be taking a look at environmental monitoring and food process contamination. MicroSnap Range Petrifilm Range Hygiena™ EnSURE Touch Luminometer 3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System Week 2 Provide your facility with rapid and accurate hygiene verification to support your HACCP program. We have a wide range of hygiene monitoring products. Week 3 Simplify... Read More


ERAM’s Day Under The Stars Round Up

A whirlwind trip around the solar system for the East Region Association of Microbiologists Yesterday we welcomed the East Region Association of Microbiologists (ERAM) to The Planetarium at ThinkTank Birmingham for their general meeting. We started the day with refreshments on the third floor where guests could interact with all the exhibits in the museums ‘Futures’ floor – including a drum playing robotic arm! The meeting kicked off with Justin welcoming the guests and introducing them to Gem Scientific and Northern Balance, followed by Matt Bricknell from 3M discussing the advances... Read More