Food Testing Reconstructed

Delving into the world of the burger with a handy infographic to show which product is used in every stage of a burger. From the bread to the surface you prepare it on, you need to test, analyse and clean.

Testing bread with a 3M™ Gluten Protein Rapid Kit

Streamline your process and simplify your food allergen testing with 3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests – qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring of specific food allergens.
For more information about this product, visit the Allergen Land here

Testing bacon with a Hanna HI-98163 Portable pH meter for meat

The HI-98163 has PC connectivity with a USB and optional HI-92000 software and micro USB cable. The HI-98163 is also dust-tight and protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water up to 1m (IP67).
For more information about this product, visit the HI-98163 product page here

Testing cheese with an IDEXX SNAP® Beta-Lactam ST Plus Test

If you are concerned about antibiotic residue using the SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Plus Test will give you the reassurance of product quality with the most thorough rapid test available. The ST Plus has unmatched residue detection. It detects more beta-lactam residues, including cephalexin, than any rapid dairy test.

For more information about this product, visit the Snap product page here

Testing the burger with a Raw Meat Speciation Flow-Through Test

Raw Meat Speciation Flow-Through tests are a quick and simple way of analysing raw meat samples. The tests take just 12 minutes to complete and are perfect for onsite testing. Raw meat flow-through tests can be used for raw materials and finished product testing.
For more information about this product, visit the meat test product page here

Packaging the lettuce with a Modified Atmosphere Packaging Analyser (MAP-PAK)

Designed specifically for the Food Industry, the Map-Pak food gas analysers measure the content of gas flushed food packaging. The Map-Pak range was developed as quality control devices that have a range of features and can be used with minimal training. These lightweight portable analysers are easy to use in quality control functions and can be used for all food applications, as well as some applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
For more information about this product, visit the Map-Pak product page here

Cleaning the surface with a 3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Production plants across the UK are achieving the highest levels of product quality, safety and environmental hygiene with the help of 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System. It’s a complete system of products consisting of a handheld luminometer, compatible test swabs and a powerful new software platform.

For more information about this product, visit the LM1 product page here

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