Fluorophos ALP Test System


The Fluorophos Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Test System is the industry standard and is extensively used by regulatory authorities. ALP testing provides an invaluable end-product test. The EU requires that any other method considered for use be validated against the fluorimetric method and has lowered the statutory level for ALP in pasteurized milk from 500 to 350 mU/L.

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The Fluorophos Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Test System is the industry standard and is extensively used by regulatory authorities. ALP testing provides an invaluable end-product test. The EU requires that any other method considered for use be validated against the fluorimetric method and has lowered the statutory level for ALP in pasteurized milk from 500 to 350 mU/L.

With the Fluorophos ALP Test System, you can closely monitor your production processes and anticipate quality control problems. The test can detect pinholes and cracked seals in your high-temperature short-time (HTST) system before they trigger pasteurization failures and workflow interruptions.

Laboratories around the world are using the Fluorophos ALP Test in conjunction with a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. The Fluorophos ALP Test is the standard ISO/IDF method and was reviewed and approved by NCIMS/FDA. It is also approved by AOAC, IMS, and CEN European standards for confirming proper pasteurization.

Since 2007, Fluorophos ALP Test System is the official reference method for ALP testing in the EU published standards ISO 11816-1/IDF 155-1 for milk products and ISO 11816-2/IDF 155-2 for cheese products.

Test results automatically appear in approximately 3 minutes on the digital display. With one system you can test both cheese and other dairy products made from fluid milk. Fluorophos ALP Test detects ultra-low levels of raw milk contamination, it offers unmatched protection against the threat of pathogens in pasteurized milk.


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  • Cow, Goat, Sheep, Mare, Buffalo, Camel
  • Variety of milk types (Normal, UHT, Sterilised, reconstituted milk powder, thawed, skimmed)
  • Read results after 6 minutes
  • ILVO validated
  • AFNOR validated
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  • Available volumes: 100litres - 885litres
  • Available fan options: natural convection or fan circulated
  • Double glazed hinged doors
  • Lockable castors 
  • On-screen historical trending (48 hours)
  • Integral 7-day timer with touch screen digital control
  • Integral energy meter
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • High accuracy Pt100B duplex sensors <0.8C
  • Fully insulated with an adjustable vent cover
  • New - Setpoint lock feature
  • Low heat output - reducing air conditioning cost
  • Low energy consumption - More than 50% lower to traditional cabinets
  • Temperature range 30.0 to 80.0C
  • Excellent stability <+/- 0.6C
  • Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements which are positioned in the lower chamber and covered with 304 stainless steel guard
  • 2-year warranty (extended warranty available)
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  • Digital display (on sensor unit)
  • Minimal maintenance for the user
  • Calibration adjustment of the Safe-Ox+ can be completed using ‘pure air'
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  • Plug and play
  • Not cross sensitive to He

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